The Notations Project Launch

On 25th February, the first edition of The Notations Project was launched at Whitgift School’s Piano Day. 24 young pianist composers were split into groups of 6, each having a 40-minute session with curator Alexander Soares.

Using the first two of Boulez’s Notations as a starting point, the students then had the rest of the session to compose and practice a miniature composition. The only requirements were to pick a character or image, and keep the pieces to one line in length. After a final general session to rehearse their pieces, the students each performed their compositions in Whitgift’s concert hall on a beautiful Steinway Model D. An incredibly rewarding day, with a lot of fun had by all!

And the best title of a student composition (in my opinion…) Ordered Chaos !

Thanks to all who took part, and in particular Mrs Whitfield and Mr Lane at Whitgift school for their support.

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